Amy, a young mixed-race woman, travels to Bobo, Burkina to reconnect with her mother whom she was separated from at the age of eight. She discovers only her aunt living in the family home, finds the courtyard of her childhood both comforting and unsettling. She feels a stranger in a city where she has no bearings.
For years now, Mariam, her mother, is a housecleaner in Paris. She has lived as a furtive shadow on the margins of society.
The place in between

The place in between directed by Sarah Bouyain produced by Sophie Salbot (Athénaïse), with Dorylia Calmel, Assita Ouédraogo, Blandine Yaméogo, Nathalie Richard, Nadine Kambou Yéri, Jérôme Sénélas and Dominique Reymond.

script : Sarah Bouyain and Gaëlle Macé, cinematography: Nicolas Gaurin, sound department : Marianne Roussy, Cécile Chagnaud, Thierry Delor, editors: Valérie Loiseleux, Pascale Chavance, Music: Sylvain Chauveau           

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The place in between